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WTT CRSW Bergamot & Bay v2

I've got a tin of this soap that I've used maybe a dozen times. 90% or more left (retail $17 + shipping). I LOVE the smell of this soap, I just can't seem to get the lather dialed in. Everyone here seems to swear by this stuff, so maybe I'll try it out again someday. For now, I would like to try something different.

I'm particularly interested in a Merkur 37c or 39C razor if you have one laying around that doesn't get much use. The Muhle r41 also intrigues me quite a bit. I can throw in a couple bucks as well to even it up. Let me know if there is something else you have that I might be interested in. The new recipe of Barrister & Mann with the new tin/ label design would be nice as well.
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