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WTT: Catie's and Strop soap

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Each pays own shipping

I'd like to trade away three soaps. All have at least 90+% left. I had a reaction to the LPV and the other two are scents I don't need.

What I have:
Catie's Bubbles LPV
Catie's Bubbles Black Bergamot (TRADED)
Strop Shop Date Night

I'm looking to trade for:
Barrister & Mann Clary Vetiver
Barrister &Mann Seville
B&M Fireside
Catie's Bubbles LTV
LA Shave Soaps Spring Street or Hollywood Romance

If you have any of the above let me know. Or if you have another B&M other than Lime, Dickens, or Lavanille lets talk.

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