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WTS: Newbie variety/collector lot - razor, brushes, soaps

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Hello gents,

As a result of heavy experimenting over the past half year or so I've developed some serious brand loyalty and find myself reaching for a limited amount of products now. This has prompted a den clear-out and the lot I'm offering includes the following, ideally suited for a newbie that wants to experiment lots of different products or an avid hobbyist:

1. Merkur 34C HD Razor (some minor scuffing on top cap as a result of using a slightly too abrasive brush to clean - see picture)
2. EJ Best Badger Brush (I believe this handle style is no longer made - some chips in the handle - see picture)
3. Semogue 620 Brush (used about 5-10 times)
4. Muhle Black Fibre v2 brush, black handle (used about 3 times - not pictured but included in lot and still in original packaging).
5. Proraso Green tub (used about 3-5 times)
6. La Toja stick (used once)
7. Nivea Sensitive cream (about 75% full - not pictured but included in lot)
8. 3 sample blade packs (3 of my 5 favorite blades)
9. A few surprise soap samples (brands include Maggard, Strop Shoppe, and Stirling)

A top notch razor; a badger, boar, and synthetic brush; soap tub, shave stick, and cream, and some of the best blades around. I invite you to check out maggardrazors.com for the retail prices. I'm selling the entire lot for $100 USD inclusive of tracked shipping. I almost exclusively use one razor and two other brushes along with a few soaps now and have no need for this stuff. I'd rather give it to someone who will actually use it. The gear is packed (razor and brushes are bubble wrapped) and ready to ship. Any questions, flip me a PM. Thanks for looking!

I realized many people will not want everything in this lot and I don't want to chunk it up because of crazy Canadian shipping so I'm reducing the price on the lot to $80USD, tracked shipping included.
Final price drop - $50USD all-in for the entire lot before I piecemeal this stuff away. Need to get rid of this stuff as SWMBO is getting angry at the mess :/
Thanks for looking gents. Lot has been sold!
Chrispy73 - keep your eyes peeled in about a week or so if you're a soap lover. I will be posting a lot with 3 soaps and potentially my Omega S brush.
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