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[WTS] Mühle Hexagon Safety Razor with G&F CC head

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Hi Folks!

For sale is a once used, so in absolutely new condition Mühle Hexagon safety razor with a Giesen&Forsthoff (Timor) closed-comb head . I bought the Hexagon razor, a new model that just came out a few months ago, that originally came with the Mühle closed comb head. I put that one on a different razor. The G&F head is also new and has been used once with the Hexagon razor.

Weight, total: 2.3oz
Length, total: 4 inches

The Hexagon handle is made out of anodised aluminium and bronze-coloured, the upper part is chromium plated. The handle is engraved with "Mühle" and the coordinates where the company is located. The Giesen&Forsthoff head is, at least on German wet-shaving-fora, a highly regarded one. Mild yet efficient. Zamac, beautifully chromium plated.

Asking price including registered shipment (worldwide), with the original Mühle box: $47
Without the box: $42.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate and send me a private message.

IMG_20170401_145330.jpg IMG_20170401_145357.jpg IMG_20170401_145410.jpg IMG_20170401_145527.jpg IMG_20170401_145608.jpg
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