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WTS: JNAT Nagura Set + Straight Razors | Friodur, etc.

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I'm clearing space and raising funds for new fly fishing gear, so I'm offering a few of my straight razors and natural JNAT nagura stones.

1. JNAT Nagura Set (3 stones). This matched/assembled set was originally purchased from Alex @ thejapanstone, and it includes the usual three-stone set of Botan (90g), Tenjou (115g), and Mejiro (70g). Most in bigger than normal sizes, especially the Tenjou. (The Mejiro is standard size.) The Botan and Mejiro are both Betsu Jou grade (Superior Grade). The Tenjou is a wonderful Tokkyuu grade (High Grade) which is two grades higher than the others, and/or second highest grade of all nagura. (Official grades are based on appearance only, not performance.) Very beautiful stone with lots of orange stripes and swirls, as well as double-bands of brown speckling. Again, very lovely. Seriously thinking of keeping this one if the set doesn't sell quickly. Price is $125 for the complete set. (Razor not included.)
Nagura 1 800px.jpg
Nagura 3 800px.jpg
Nagura 4 800px.jpg
Nagura 5 800px.jpg
Nagura 6 800px.jpg
Nagura 7 800px.jpg

2. JA Henckels / Zwillingswerk Friodur No. 472 INOX No Stain. This is a hefty 7/8" full hollow blade with a GORGEOUS floral spine decoration. (God, these 472 razors are sweet looking!) The condition is NEAR-MINT as seen in the photos. (I'd call it MINT, but it's been honed.) Comes honed and shave-ready. Price is $175.
Friodur472 1 800px.jpg
Friodur472 2 800px.jpg
Friodur472 3 800px.jpg
Friodur472 4 800px.jpg

3. RARE Shapleigh DE17. This is a very rare straight razor. Search the internet for Shapleigh DE17, and you'll find a completely different style blade. Was this one mis-stamped? Was it a special edition? Who knows...but it's one very nice collector's piece. The blade shows its original design, but most of the gold wash has long been worn away. (No rust or pitting, just very light patina.) The spine is AWESOME! The ornate "SHAPLEIGH" spinework design is DEEP and STUNNING on both sides! What's even better is that there is very minimal hone wear. =) The original gunstock, swirled butterscotch scales are beautiful and crack-free. Unfortunately, the previous owner stored this razor with the blade pushed too far inside the scales, so the scales have warped outward and the blade sits too deep. (The blade edge pokes out of the bottom.) Nothing that a good restore won't cure, I suspect. Price is $125 OBO.

(See next post for photos of Shapleigh DE17.)

Please feel free to ask questions and/or request additional photos. Happiness guaranteed.

I so would have fallen for that Nagura Set, now I must resist those razors!

Yes, the nagura stones were rather nice (especially the Tenjou), and at a good price. I'm sure they'll be happy in their new home. :)

The straight razors are still available for today. If there's no interest here by tomorrow afternoon, then I'll likely send them over to eBay. Gotta buy my new fishing gear soon!

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