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    Looking to see if I am able to kill two birds with one stone.

    WTB- a Feather AS D2. - Found one! Never mind .

    Now the goods-

    Looking to find a home for a NOS Gillette Techmatic

    Asking $22 shipped.

    WTS- Mamba 70 with the Bulldog handle . Asking $65 shipped. Used half a dozen times or so. These continue to be sold out.

    WTS- razorock SLOC . Asking $14 shipped . Used once.

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  1. Sent pm
  2. PM inbound.
  3. All razors remain as of now.

    Prices dropped to :

    Techmatic - 20 shipped.

    Mamba - $60 shipped.
  4. SLOC sold!
  5. Techmatic $18.
    Mamba - $58 shipped
  6. Techmatic-15
    mamba dropped to 55
  7. Techmatic is going in the bin as I’m not drawing any interest.
  8. Mamba dropped to $53
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