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WTB or trade for B&B essential brushes

I am looking specifically for the following B&B essential boar brushes. Looking for good condition brushes not need to be new. I am willing to pay a premium price as I know these are some of the rarest.

Dark blue

I do have some stuff to trade including but not limited to:

1. UFO colibri handle
2. New T&H cream, after shave balm, and cologne lot...several flavors to choose from (I am out of town for the week but would have to look when I get back this weekend to verify exactly what I have.
3. Pink Rudy Vey brush with synthetic knot (purchased from Sure Moore auction this year. ..used 1 time )
4. I have a couple pocket edition Gillette sets you could choose from
5. Khaki set in OK shape
6. Several rolls sets in excellent shape.
7. Anything else I might have that you are looking for.

All trades would be pending my arrival home to send you pictures of my items for your approval.

Thanks for your help, I would love to round out my collection of these great brushes.
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