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WTB: Omega boar brush (budget end)

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As he said.
I have a new omega boar brush with a stand I'd sell ya. But by the time you paid for shipping and a couple of bucks for me, it would cost you more than buying it yourself new at Amazon.

So if you really want to go this route send me a PM. But I dont think it's the best way to go.
Looking for any budget (cheaper end) Omega boar brushes. I really like them and think they hold up better than the other cheap brushes I've been using.

Not overly concerned about the looks, used is ok, just want something that works :)
I prefer the larger Omega knots. I have two 10077s that have the smaller knots that I could send to you for $10 to cover postage and goods fee. As they have a shorter loft, they have more backbone than the larger ones.

I'll send you a message because my brushes don't tend to hold up well so getting a couple would be a great deal.

I was living abroad and I guess everything was marked up there and I forgot how cheap the brushes were 😅
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