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WTB -- Muehl R41 (2011) at reasonable price

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If you have an R41 (2011) that you're willing to sell, please let me know how much you would want for it. Thanks.
New heads are available. As I recall bought one from Shaving ie and put it on a spare handle.

The 2011, as you know, is more aggressive. Hope you find one, sir.


I believe the Shaving ie and Maggard websites only sell the 2013 R41 heads. You can get a 3D printed 2011 R41 top cap (called Hurricane) which makes your R41 2013 behave like the more aggressive 2011 version. I found this advice on a thread but I am not sure yet if the 3D printed version is any more aggressive than my 2013 cap.

Good luck AJ
Hey, thanks guys. Appreciate the recommendations. Fortunately, found a 2011 head at a reasonable price. On it's way. Really looking forward to giving it a whirl!
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