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WTB: Gillette Executive Razor (1949 Style)

I am searching for a 1949 Gillette Executive razor, as pictured below, for my collection. I would like to purchase only the razor as I already have a very nice case. The razor should be in very good condition with no notable condition issues.

I am willing to trade for the razor, buy it outright, or meet somewhere in the middle, if appropriate. The $1 figure in my post is only to indicate that I am open to negotiations. I am aware of the current market price of Gillette Executive razors.

For trade, I have the following items that could be part of the negotiation: cased Sheraton, bare Senator, cased President, cased #58 British Set, cased British #66, cased Fat Boy, cased Old Type Big Fellow in sliver, a keyed Psycho set, a Rubberset 400, a NOS Gillette Black Handle Superspeed, a bare Gillette Big Fellow Deluxe in silver...and just about anything else that you can imagine.

Basically, if you have an Executive that you're willing to part with, I would like to take a shot at it.

Please send me a private message if you have what I'm looking for and are ready to part with it.

Thanks in advance!


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