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WTB Wtb: arkansas stone

Looking for a black surgical or translucent stone. Send me pm if you have one

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Lee Valley is the absolute best prices I have seen in Canada. They get them straight from Dan's and the Hard Black at Lee Valley is the same stone as the Black Hard from Dan's website which is their finest stones. At $104.00 Cdn for a 8" x 2" x 1/2" Black Hard Ark you really can't go wrong.

Arkansas Oil Stones - Lee Valley Tools
I was looking at that one, but I was hoping to find a small one for a bit less.

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I found the 8x3x1/2" used from a member for a very fair price. The Ark sure gives me a smooth shaving edge. Good luck in your search.
When available, Dan's will sell "end cuts" , one flat face and what is left after a block has been cut in slabs. You may have to use it hand held instead of on your bench but you can get a lot of Arkansas real estate for a good price. Email or call and they'll send pics and price of any available at the time.
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