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    I absolutely love this EDT, it is probably my favorite artisan offering as I own both the EDT and solid cologne versions from WSP (Wet Shaving Products). I love the scent and it, to me, is a perfect year round scent.

    Does anyone else own this, and/or have you tried it? I would be interested to know others impression of this fine scent.
  1. So I bought the solid cologne, helped along by your comments. I really like the scent right out of the tin. I feel like it has a wet pine forest smell. At least that is what I perceive from the spice and sweet combo. It's very sweet. I'm a fan but my girlfriend is not, sadly. I really like the spicier, top notes. The only drawback for me is that they don't linger long enough. They are gone too quickly and then all that remains is a sweet vanilla scent. I like that as well just wish the first part had a bit more staying power.
  2. I am glad that you ended up liking it. I find that though they are very similar, the EDT spray is more potent, as far as scent. It lasts me all day, just with two sprays, and seems to hit high on the tobacco note, with the lighter vanilla in the background.

    Nonetheless, I am glad that you liked it and that is too bad that your girlfriend doesn't like it, mine loves it and said it is one of her favorites.
  3. I'm sure that I can get her to warm up to it!
  4. How does it compare with Tom Ford's Tobacco Vanilla fragrance?
    Or is it even a valid comparison?
  5. I have not smelled the Tom Ford fragrance but it is referenced in the description from WSP.
    The website says...
    "While this scent shares the nom de guerre as Tom Ford's hit fragrance, other than the name, I took very little inspiration from Mr. Ford. The star of my fragrance is tobacco absolute. I spared no expense in making it the most prominent note. Then I constructed a vanilla heart with hints of cedar & sandalwood. Tonka bean, ambergris, & oakmoss round out the base notes. And finally, I gave it a top note of invigorating black pepper."

  6. Thank you for the info. Much appreciated.
  7. I have also not experienced Tom Ford's Tobacco Vanille but I absolutely love WSP'S version. It has a lot of tobacco forwarders and the vanilla and other notes really round it out nicely. It is a nice scent that IMHO can be worn in all seasons.

    Also, on another note, if you haven't tried Stirling Soaps Haverford shave soap and aftershave, they are excellent and our Stirling's take on Tom Ford' version. I love Stirling products and Haverford is excellent.
  8. Thank you for your feedback. It's very difficult being in restraint with enablers like yourself.
    My to-try list just got a little longer.
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    So easy to test some real TF TV, just go into most any fashion mall.
    Simply said, nothing like the real thing!!

    Synergy HTGAM cavendish rooney filarmonica tom ford tobacco vanille october 25 2015.jpg

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