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    Hi there, I was wondering if anyone has tried WSP EDP COLOGNES? I know some have mentioned the WSP olympus edp cologne, but has anyone tried any of their other scents? are they any good? Also, has anyone tried PAA edp colognes? They sell 30 ml bottles for 50 bucks. Seems a bit expensive, but wondering how they are and if they last long.

    Eau De Parfum (EDP)
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    Never tried WSPs EDPs, but there Tobacco aftershave and all there beard oils I've tried have great scents and staying power. Usually at least 4 hours and sometimes I can still smell them after 8-10 or the next day in the shower.
  2. i have Wsp tobacco aftershave and edp. The edp is great and when i use it i go light.
  3. is the wsp tobacco edp like a masculine scent? is the tobacco like a cigar smell? have you gotten compliments on it? how many hours does it last on you for the whole day?
  4. Oh very masculine tobacco. Not at all cigar smell but tobacco flower. I use it more in winter. Wsp aftershave have some scent staying power i can smell it at work several hours later the edp is stronger but i apply only 1 or 2 sprays
    I definitely recommended it. They frequently offer free shipping and they are affordable
  5. hi there, can you smell anything else besides the tobacco in the wsp tobacco EDP? THANKS
  6. I just tried it. Its tobacco leaf and flower with some bay. I get a tobacco pine leafy woods leather scent although im terrible at describing scents.
  7. thanks Rhody. i think I will try it out. have you gotten any compliments at all on the WSP tobacco edp?
  8. more for the aftershave. I think wsp aftershave is more high potency than some others
    i hope you enjoy .another idea is to try a sample of the as

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