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Wrestling with Stirling Gentleman

Evening gentlemen. So I own the aftershave, after shave balm, and the EDT. The aftershave amd the bomb are fantastic. I'm wrestling with the EDP though. The tobacco top note is like a sledgehammer but the dry down is an incredible reward. I'm not sure if I want to keep the EDP or if I'm just afraid of its masculinity and I'm shrinking back into a corner of shadowy weakness. It's really a challenging fragrance to wear IMO. How do you like the fragrance and what your strategy for not cowering beneath its power?
Man, I love Stirling Gentleman, you are right, it is a unique scent, but love the tobacco/leather notes I pick up from it. It last's allllll day long to.
We're all different, Gentleman for me no thanks , but Executive Man, yes please. TBH the EM at first didn't smell like the soap, but by the second time out the corral, I tell you what that shave soap came alive! Rod says that it needs air, being closed up in that container changes the scent, temporarily. Of course YMMV.
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