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Have been shaving with merkur 34c for two weeks, every shave I've had with it ended in redness,spots,bleeding ..... Was about to throw a hissy fit ,when last night I read the beginners guide in the forum ....Just finished shaving using only a two shave pass,but I spent more time preparing my beard,and only using the lightest of pressure,just the weight of the razor..No blood,no bumps,no fiery neck,WOW ....... :lol:
Yep, that info along with the Mantic59 videos and the Geofatboy videos really got me ready to go - I've had few issues since I started. Congratulations and look forward to looking forward to shaving!
Its a great feeling isn't it. Conquering that safety razor. I learnt a load from hear when I started shaving and still do.
Hey guys thanks for replys,like you say can't wait till next shave,But I'm gonna be strict with budget one item ,per month,starting with proraso shave cream ..... And possibly some witch hazel!!!!!ahhhhhh shoot I'm not gonna bother with a budget ,way to much choice!!!:w00t:
Does anybody else find geofatboys technique OTT for newbies watching?
If I shaved like him the sink would get blocked with chunks of my face.
I think your one-item-per-month regime is a good plan. But you might want to try a couple of other creams, like a TOBS...:wink2:
It can be done...I stuck with a Fat Boy, Burma Shave brush and VDH deluxe for a few years before the RAD hit me a month ago.
Most people like TOBS, it just didn't agree with my skin. I prefer Proraso over TOBS creams. Mainly its the fact that it doesn't irritate my skin, but I also like the fact that you can generally get it a little cheaper.
That's great you got a good shave and got yer technique down with your razor of choice. Every razor seems to have a different groove, you just have to find it.
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