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Wow, This Certainly Didn't go as Planned

That is pretty bad! Poor guy, I don't what he is going to do now. His Brother! Wow!

Ok, Ok, You really had me there. I thought this was for real.
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Two things have come to mind in this matter after careful consideration (I've got spare time)

1. Given that she just had a baby and that he obviously works a steady job, I'd put the odds at 90-95% that HE is paying the lion's share (if not all) the bills. Yet SHE is going to tape the door locks and put his stuff out in the yard? Clearly someone needs to show the hen who the rooster is.

2. Your points are well taken, her justification for such obvious outrage is totally gone if she's been out schtuping the guy's brother.

3. Wouldn't it be brilliant if she knew it wasn't her husband's work calling all along and just faked the whole thing for a counter-gotcha! (Highly unlikely but it would be brilliant)
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