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    Tonight was a definite night to remember in my straight razor journey.... I had 2 days growth and did a quick 3 pass shave but changed up one thing I was keeping the same angle with my blade for all 3 passes.... when I did my across and against passes tonight I had the blade almost flat a very very minimal angle to it and WOW I can't believe how quickly it went by and absolutely NO irritation. I go to bed one happy and learned man tonight :a14:
  1. Excellent! This is inspirational for me to read as I prepare to embark on learning a to straight shave. Thanks, Monoxide!
  2. A shallow shave is a wonderful, wonderful thing :).
  3. Well done!
  4. Yep. Glad to see the old myth that you should shave at 30 degrees is finally dying. Been arguing for a flat shaving method for a decade now.
  5. Congratulations :a29:
  6. Took me a couple of stubborn years to bring that spine down. Amazing how the ingrown hairs don't happen so often anymore. Keep at it.
  7. I still can't get over it... I was feeling my face all day long instead of working LOL I couldn't keep my hands off myself I'm having way too much enjoyment from this new straight razor shaving... good thing I can't find a shop near me that sells supplies or I'd own one of everything they sold by now
  8. one thing I can ask though... can you use too much aftershave.. I LOVE the scent of my brothers grim aftershaves but the Nivea post shave balm seems to work wonders so I end up using both one for the effect and then the other on top after a bit for the scent.
  9. Speaking as the guy that gets into the elevator as you get off, yes.

    The tricky thing is that "too much" for me may be "almost nothing" to you. That in addition to the fact that we tend to get used to anything that we are constantly exposed to.

    The rule of thumb I have heard is that if you can smell yourself you are wearing too much scent.
  10. LOL very well put I was more asking as towards the moisturizing properties can you over do it to when it becomes bad instead of good I use axe deodorant so no matter what aftershave I use no one will ever smell it but me
  11. I use both regularly. Some aftershaves seem to have more of an oil after initial dry . If I apply balm after that I do not like the shine on my skin.
  12. A tight angle is indeed the key to a comfortable shave. A 30 degree angle is likely scraping your skin. I’m retired and spend most of my day with my Schnauzers and they have never complained about my aftershave so I use as much as I damn well please. However, if you spend your day around humans, use caution. As for deodorant, I just use an alum block.
  13. Yet again tonight.... I did a 3 pass shave after work same low angle on the second and third passes and once again NO irritation... however there was blood I tried a new grip for this hard to get spot below my jawline from ear to chin... the second it hit my skin I new I was bitten but I look at this as learning but it seems that the low angle is my key to not having a neck on fire for a day :)
  14. Slick, wet lather and a very shallow shaving angle make for a great shave. Sounds like you've got the keys to the kingdom.
  15. It makes me feel like I'm starting to get the hang of it a little bit lets see if the next shave is just as successful!

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