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Would you take the pill?

Would you take the pill?

  • Yes, all my shaving items are now for sell in the forum.

  • No way! My razor and brush are legal members of my family.

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Definitely not.
Never mind you wouldn't enjoy shaving anymore, with the side effects you might not enjoy something else either.:wink: :lol: :eek:
Certainly not. Any hair I end up losing on top of my head I am going to grow out of my face. I would, however, be interested in a pill that gave you one day's worth of BBS. A man has no business shaving at 4:00am before heading to the airport.
letterk said:
Had a strange thought. If there was a pill that gave you a BBS face without the need to ever shave again, would you take it?

I might take the pill and then go through the motions every morning.... imagine, all the fun and BBS EVERY DAY!! I could rule the world!!!!:w00t:
I wished for such a thing when I was still using my Mach 3. But now... not a chance. Now I'm glad I have a beard to shave.
It would depend on the side effects.... and how long they would last.


Provided there were no side effects, I'd gladly do it. I enjoy shaving immensely, but I'd take the pill in a heartbeat.
Facial hair is a secondary sexual characteristic. I enjoy my secondary sexual characteristics almost as much as my primary ones. I would eschew the pill...

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