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Would you pay big bucks for a mint Gillette Tech?

It's your money and it may look to you mint, but a sharp eye will tell you it isn't in pristine condition.
I'll admit I am new to the vintage razor game, but that sounds particularly high to me. That said, value is completely subjective and things are worth whatever one is willing to pay for them. If the fact that its manufacturing date is the same as your birth year is particularly special for you, then maybe it's value is higher to you than what the market dictates.

Bottom line: I wouldn't pay that much for it, but if it's a price tag you won't regret, there are certainly worse ways to spend one's money.


There are travel Techs all over the Bay NOS much much less. Get one and put another handle on it. Just my 2 cents


I personally wouldn't. It's not my birth year and I don't like Techs.

Do you like Techs? If you do, and want a birth year example, I would go for it. Keep in mind it is only worth the premium $80 to you. If you decide to sell or trade, you may only get half the price you paid. Even that may be pushing it. That Tech style is widely available and tends to be on the lower end of Gillette prices.

I prefer Superspeeds. I am a later B1 (1981). I have NEVER seen one for sale. With that in mind, I don't want to think what I would pay for one. 😬
I saw an I4, NOS Super Speed last week for about half on the card.
I wouldn't, love Techs but $80 seems to me overpriced since there's no guarantee it's really in mint condition... I believe that with little patience you can find a better choice for a Birthday razor... For me most of the fun is in the hunt...


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I might pay that if it were NOS and still in its packaging, but I love Techs.

If it were a Hybrid Tech, it would be a STEAL at that price.

If you really want it, and you want it now, and you have the money, then it's worth it to YOU.
I have dealt with that seller before and he is a reasonable person. I would contact him and make an offer. Tell him that the razor looks great but the price is a little high and if he would accept $XX for it. As long as you don't offer him some low ball price, but something close to what he is offering, I think it should go well.


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I have dealt with that seller before and he is a reasonable person. I would contact him and make an offer. Tell him that the razor looks great but the price is a little high and if he would accept $XX for it. As long as you don't offer him some low ball price, but something close to what he is offering, I think it should go well.
Very good advice right there. The worst the seller can say is no.

As to Birth Quarter Techs: I bought mine, a really decent user grade H2 for I think about 15 bucks shipped off the Bay.

It is one of my most used razors. Decent fast shave that is almost impossible to hurt yourself with.

If you want that razor, and you ain't got no starving grand babies, buy it. (I haven't looked at the razor you are talking about, but it is worth whatever you want to pay for it.)

My advice is worth what you pay for it.

But I do advise you to use it. If it is pristine and you want to keep it that way, put it on display and buy a user grade to use.

My next razor purchase (if I can slip it past the War Department) is one from the 3rd quarter of 1954, a Z3, because I would envision my mom and dad every time I used it. That's the time they were married.

Now you will have to excuse me. I was born with my kidneys too close to my eyeballs, and they are leaking. I gotta call my mom, lol.


It is very much on the high side but that is not important. As a one off, if you like it and want it, and it will bring you lasting happiness then buy it; that is what money is for. If however you are simply buying the first of many razors, then no as it is overpriced by a long long way. 👍
This is exactly my opinion and experience also!

I have overpaid for quite a few razors and don’t care - if they are keepers for the rest of my life. I however also have a few that I later decided to resell, and then it is less fun...
its NOT a bad price if it was truly pristine. I have seen goodwill sets with dirty and damaged cases with the original internal paper wrapper on a corroded razor sell for more then that.

if it was unopened, then id be buying it myself. far to easy to find rusted and corroded techs selling for 20-50$ on the ebay last few years. one reason I stopped trying to buy,


I paid less than $20 for this 1953 Y3 tech and it was mint. It came in a leather travel case. You can do better.
I Paid around $8 for this the end of last year:
Prewar Fathandle Tech  like new.jpg
Under some soap scum, I found it to be pristine enough. No wear, stains or dings. There are nice ones out there - you just have to keep looking.
FWIW I'm pretty sure I bought a razor from this exact seller. Looks like from the photos he always displays them on the rail of his back deck. It was a smooth transaction and fast shipment, no problems. That being said $80 is probably overpriced (which plenty of folks have pointed out in their replies) BUT - It does have the original packaging which is hard to find and is pretty neat, and if you have the money to spend, then what the heck? Buy it if you want. If you're on a tight budget, then let it pass. But when you look at that original price of 49 cents, aaaggghhhh!
I can't believe half the answers you're getting. To put it in perspective, $80 is a dinner for two, or a gas fill up on my Jeep, or a nice bottle of Scotch, or ... but the Tech will give you a lot more pleasure for longer.

Yes, it's expensive for a Tech, but it's the year you want, in the condition you want, it's nice, and it's available NOW. Don't let it be the one that got away. Or you can buy a brand new razor for about the same money like a Game Changer of aluminum Timeless. It'll last just as long, and every time you use it, you'll think "I should have gotten the Tech".
Personally, I would not at that price. I think it's too expensive for a Tech. I have never spent more than $50 on a razor. But if you think it's worth it and you really want it, then by all means buy it.
It isn’t NOS, it isn’t pristine and it isn’t cheap. Is it your birth quarter or birth year, and does that matter? The real answer is whether you would be sorry you passed it up assuming the price tag will do no lasting damage to your finances and if you would be sorry buy it. Otherwise with patience you will likely see more in the future. Also, does the cardboard box mean anything to you? I’m guessing that the box accounts for a third to a half of the price.