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Would you like to try the newest aftershave?

Got mine...intriguing and somewhat familiar (never smelled Floid Blue, so clean slate for me). Sort of a very mild cross of AV Ice Blue and Barbasol Pacific Rush with an underlying floral (Tabac?) note. Dabbed some on wrist...scent is VERY fleeting and understated.

Will give it a few days this week before I submit my review/thoughts/opinions.
Got mine as well today. I gave it a quick sniff and I do have to say, I really like the scent. I will try it out tomorrow when I shave.
I received my sample of Captain's Choice Blue, today. I'm going to compare to Floid Blue, as I happen to have a bottle. My review is based upon a 10 rating for FB.

CC Blue is a 7, for me.

The scent is on the light side. It is noticeable, but is overpowered by the alcohol and menthol. The scent is similar to FB, but could use more citrus and talc and more intensity(a little glycerin might help).

The FB seems to be a bit heavier/stickier after the dry-down, so the CC outscores the Floid.

The menthol is right on the money, when it comes to the zing. It doesn't last as long as the FB, but the initial zing is spot on.

Conclusion: Boost/alter the scent and staying power, and I'd be in for a bottle of splash and/or balm.

Thanks, @Captain Pre-Capsize , for a chance to try this out!
Well, had my first shave with the captain's new scent. Started with breaking out my What The Puck Blue Barbershop puck with a Star razor and the Badger & Blade Essential boar brush. Great shave and step up to use the after shave. Straight out of the bottle I could smell menthol and something very sugary sweet. After a healthy splash on the face and head I felt a gentle cooling from the menthol. Thank you for that, many aftershaves think excess menthol is a good thing. I do not. The scent calmed quickly to a very delicate powder with some floral notes to it. This lasted almost 2 hours before finally disappearing.

CC Aftershaves are always excellent as far as efficacy. And, while I really like the balance of menthol in this aftershave, I'm not wowed by the scent. Perhaps it's the heavier base in the majority of CC aftershaves, I was expecting something closer to that family. I think as far as pairing goes, this would be ideal with Royal Copenhagen cologne.

Summary-- Great menthol level, pleasant but very mild scent, decent longevity. Would I buy it? Maybe.
First use and I am impressed.

For me, I would rate it 8+.

First, the scent is on the mild side. My wife said the scent was fresh and she liked it. It does not have an overpowering scent such as Pinaud Clubman. However, the scent dissipated rather quickly. I did not get the usual "sting" I get from aftershaves. Rather, it felt very soothing - something I like. Usually, I put on WH after I shave to calm my skin and an AS after that. With the CC Blue, I applied it right after a cold water splash and it felt very refreshing.

As for menthol, I prefer something with a bit more punch to it. However, when I want menthol I usually reach for Osage Rub. Not every AS should contain heavy doses of menthol IMHO.

My recommendations would be to boost the scent and its staying power, something that would broaden its appeal.

I would definitely buy it now in its present formulation.

I will continue to use it until the sample is used up.

Thanks, Scott, for the sample.
I opened my sample of the “no-name” AS it to smell it as soon as I got it yesterday. My initial impression/feeling was a tickling on the back of my neck. When I was a young lad, I got my haircut at the corner barbershop owned by 2 Italian gentlemen. It took me right back to post haircuts with razor trims (pre-shave days). They would use a talc dust off & a little after-shave and were also not so great at getting the little tiny stray hair clippings before the cape came off. I used it after a shave last night (used D.R. Harris Arlington soap & some post shave WH) before we went out for dinner. It seemed a little short on the menthol, but after having it on for 5 minutes, I would have to say that it was just about right. The big critics (“She Who Must Be Obeyed” & my son’s fiancé) both thought that it was pleasant with a “powdery” scent. I found that it was subtle and lasted about 2 hours.
I don’t have any experience with Floid Blue or Aqua Velva as I used mostly Old Spice for most of my pre-wet shave years. I find that I’m more attracted to skin scents like Bay Rum and New West so my experience in the scent field is a little stunted.

Over all impression: I would score this at a 7.5. It could use with a stronger base

Menthol level: I would say that it is just about right. It doesn’t freeze your face but it is there.

Would I buy it: It’s a definite maybe

I’d like to thank CC for this opportunity & look forward to seeing what’s next. It's a sample that won't go to waste and I will continue to use it to see if it grows on me with more use.
I also revived my sample vial yesterday and used it for the first time today.

My rating for where it’s at now would likely be around a 6-7.

Having never used any of the Floid line before, I can not compare it in that way. I would compare and place this AS along the lines of Aqua Velva and Barbasol Pacific Rush instead.

In terms of face feel and application, I think this is always where Captain’s Choice aftershaves excel. Application is ultra smooth. The product glides on easily, absorbs very well, and leaves the face feeling fresh. There is also very little bite to the product, so I’m guessing it is not a primarily alcohol based AS, which would make it still a good choice on a day when the shave might have been sub par.

The menthol level is very pleasant. I would not say it’s minimal, nor would I say it’s overpowering, though I like menthol. It begins subtle and builds a bit to a refreshing level, but never reaches a level where it feels like a sub zero north wind has slapped you across the face. Initially, I smell the menthol more than I feel it. I like the level it’s at...good for the coming summer months.

Now when it comes to scent, for the most part I like aftershaves that are strongly scented and that have some longevity to them. Captain’s Choice Blue (Sea Breeze? Wind? I don’t know what you’re going to name it lol). The aftershaves I’ve tried from Captain’s Choice, I feel, cater to those shavers that like lighter scents, who to finish with a fragrance rather than stop at the aftershave. The Blue scent is very light and fresh; the level of powder is perfect, just a hint. I do smell the menthol mostly on the opening. The scent dries down very quickly. Within 30 minutes I could not smell it without needing to put my hand right up to my face.

Compared to Barbasol PR (one of my current favorites in fresh barbershop scents), Blue definitely feels much more high quality but the scent is just too light and doesn’t last long enough.

In its current state, I do not think I would buy it instead of scavenging for more bottles of Barbasol. Now, if one could match that Barbasol scent with the feel of this CC Blue, that would be a winner!

Thank you very much Scott for continuing to invest in the traditional shaving community. Keep up the experimenting!
I used the aftershave on my right cheek and neck. I really enjoy the scent though wish it was a bit stronger. Its very faint once you get it out of the bottle. The menthol is perfect. It's easy to over do and you have it dialed in perfectly. I really like this aftershave just wish it had a stronger scent.

On the scale I would have to say 7 just because the scent is very light.

Menthol lever is spot on.

If the scent was boosted a bit I would definitely buy this aftershave
I knew I was going to shave tonight, so this morning as hopped out of the shower and was readying myself for work, I figured I’d just pour a little of the aftershave onto my hand and see what I thought in anticipation of tonight.

I wasn’t sure how I was going to write my review being I really didn’t like it - after having only experimented with it only on my hand, I figured it was going to be too sticky for me, and have an excessive amount of alcohol too boot!

Tonight as I prepared for the shave, I wondered what soap to use. B&M Cool, or Oleo’s Bonaire? Cool or Bonaire, Cool or Bonaire lol? Either would compliment, but Cool has less scent to complicate my assessment, so Cool it was.

Anyway, before I write a novel, I got to tell you I was a little shocked after I applied the stuff. On a moist face the sticky wasn’t an issue, and the alcohol hit and then dissipated like a stealthy ninja... but where’s the menthol? Who cares really, the skin food made for a remarkably soft finish and honestly, I didn’t need to use a balm afterwards which I normally do. So yay!

Scent... man if I can recall, the scent you’re going for was always a little synthetic. And this nails that “synthetic(ness).” But I’d want more of the “Blue” to peek out of the synthetic - and for it to linger a bit more.

So in conclusion, I like it! A lot - but for me to love it, well to LOVE it I’d need a bit more scent, and did I say this already, where’s the menthol? Lol.

Note I prefer scent heavy aftershave splashes heavy on the menthol so... there’s that. I use Fine aftershaves often. Anyway, great stuff. Thanks for the experience!
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Got to give this a run this morning. I haven’t tried the original, so I cannot compare to that.

It’s a softer, pleasant scent from the bottle. Faint, but there. In my hand, I lost the “blue” scent and got more of a synthetic menthol scent. I applied it to a damp face and it was not sticky. Had a brief alcohol hit and then the menthol kicked in. The menthol is spot on. I don’t want it to freeze my face off, just wake me up. I could smell the menthol when applied.

The dry down left a great post shave feel and I could smell the powder. Post shave is spot on. I would give this a solid 7 of 10. Would I buy it? Not at this time. I would like the scent to be stronger, more present. I work in an office and can wear scents. I don’t want to leave a vapor trail, but I do prefer a stong long lasting scent.

Thank you Scott for the opportunity to test this product. I will continue to use the remainder of the sample.
Okay, here's my take on it after 2 shaves..

1. On a scale of 1-10, I would give this a 8. The face-feel is excellent, just like the other CC aftershaves. A good hit of menthol without a lot of alcohol sting. The scent, though, is way too light for my tastes. I prefer something with more staying power. This scent is barely detectable after a few minutes and non-existent after 15-30 minutes. Initially, it's just a pure menthol scent that fades into something like an AV and Pacific Rush mixture, with a slight floral/powder note, that eventually fades into just a "clean/soap" kind of scent before it disappears entirely.

2. Menthol level is great for me...very much like Pacific Rush. Unfortunately, that amount of menthol also dominates and buries the scent for the first 5 minutes.

3. Would I buy it? Not as it is now. I prefer an AS that has some longevity to it. The menthol and overall "feel" are great, though. I would recommend it if you want something that will not interfere with an "aqua" type of cologne; however, I typically don't wear cologne. Also a good choice if you work in a "scent-free" area.
Day 2 with the splash using the same scents as yesterday. I have to say the scent lingers at least an hour for me, but it is very light. That's the only complaint I have is strength scent. For those who like a very mild fragrance this is perfect. I think my old nose needs a stronger bouquet these days. The skin feel is great, the menthol level is perfect, just the right amount of cooling without turning my face red.
Had my second use of the product today.

Yesterday, not knowing exactly what to expect, I had paired it with Soap Commander Commitment (Sandalwood) scent. Today I changed the pairing to Catie’s Bubbles Un Jour Gris, which was a much better combo.

For better or for worse, however, my initial thoughts largely remain unchanged. The upfront menthol scent today reminded me of St. Charles Shave Blue Line in addition to the previously mentioned products. I even applied a larger amount today. Great face feel, not enough scent and longevity.
My second use of this AS today. The positive is the feeling it leaves your face with. I could use this instead of WH. An excellent face toner. The only negative (but not for me) is the faint scent. I still don't feel the menthol hit.
You and I are in the exact same camp. I think we were shipped the samples sans menthol to see if we would merely parrot others, or if we have a mind of our own.

The toner for me is excellent.
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