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Would Red Bull be a 'gentlemanly indulgence'?

Yes, I decided to suggest it as a bit of thought provoking chaos. So, what's the word, is Red Bull good or is it crap?
Given your binary choice, for me it's crap. I have not drunk it in ages, far too sweet and too much caffeine for me. The last time that I had any was 10 years ago at the Hong Kong Sevens, and we were all chugging jugs of vodka and Red Bull - I think that would kill me now.
Add me to the “crap” tally. Your question makes me wonder how I’d feel about Hawaiian Punch these days.
The one time I did try it, I found it very acidic (this was a citrus flavour). Did not care for the taste, and id not find it provided much, if any, "wakefulness". I much prefer the 5 hour Energy shots, if that is something I am going to need.


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+1 for "crap"

After seeing so many go so crazy for Red Bull, I asked a bartender if it really was all that good. I knew him, and he actually had Red Bull on his gun, so he just gave me a little to try. I didn't even finish the 4-5 ounces that he gave me. Horrible stuff. That was 10-12 years ago, and I've never even considered trying it again.

I know there are folks out there that actually like Red Bull (and I know that there are other flavors that have come out), but just about everyone I hear talk about Red Bull and claim to like it must add a qualifying statement such as "but only mixed with ____" or "it's convenient" or "only when I'm out, partying all night" or "with lots of lime."
I'm in the minority here I suppose.
I enjoy drinking Red Bull from time to time. I really enjoy the flavor, not the energy benefits advertise by the company. I don't mix it with anything ever. I even enjoy the taste of some of the newer flavors such as the blueberry.
But, to each their own I suppose.
For me it's more of a pick-me-up when I need a burst of energy. It's a necessity rather than a 'gentlemanly indulgence'.
I love Red Bull. Just popping the top on a can instantly perks me up. I love the flavor; I love the smell. Funnily enough, it doesn't even have that much caffeine. An 8oz can of Red Bull contains 77mg of caffeine, whereas a regular, 8oz cup of coffee contains 95mg, almost 25% more.

Given the price and the comparative caffeine content, I'd have to put it in the indulgence column. It definitely is one for me.
Don't care for the taste of Red Bull. However, I am a fan of Monster Ultra (zero carb). Or, will do Low-carb if no zero carb is available.
I love them personally. You can find traces of red bull in my blood during my college and grad school year.

It's probably all mental for me, just need a quick break when pulling all-nighter.

The last can I had is probably couple years back, at a club when I am half drunk.
Crap. Never tried one, never will. A few years back my son-in-law suffered a seizure at my house. We had to call an ambulance and he spent overnight in the hospital. No medical issue was found. Doctors suspected it was too much RB (or other energy drink), combined with lack of sleep and not eating right. The first police officer on the scene told me it wasn't the first suspected "energy drink" seizure he had responded to.


This is just my opinion, but if they set out to design a drink that tasted worse than an energy drink, I don’t think they could.
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