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Wosty and other straights, getting the lead out

Alas, somehow I let slip that the wedge on certain straights is made of lead. Personally, I do not feel this is a big concern given that you don't absorb it through your skin and one doesn't tend to touch that part anyway. However, she has been patient with my accumulating quite a few and I'm happy enough to shave with the unleaded ones. Often enough, the original scales on these Sheffields did not hold up. However, these two examples have scales a bit too nice for me to replace, and, while I was looking forward to them, I think it's best they find a new home before I change my mind.

5/8 Wostenholm IXL, $45. I really like the curves on the spine and tang of this one.
6/8 Wostenholm EBRO, $60. Has a nice heft.
Both of those are as acquired and unhoned, I'm afraid I'd get too attached if I hone them. This next one, a 5/8 Smith & Hawksley, I did spend quite a bit of time honing. It came to me with a surface someone had roughed up a bit and so I thought it might look neat if I gave it a huge bevel by honing with thin Kapton tape. Which it does, I think. But I was unhappy with the edge, even though I spent a lot of time on the JNAT it's hard to refine an edge with that kind of surface area. Having done that work though, when I put a single layer of electrical tape it took a nice thin secondary bevel that works just fine.

$30, stropped and ready to go.
Shipping via Canada post: for two+ razors CONUS it's $13 tracked, for one razor untracked $6 to the US, within Canada 4CAD for untracked Lettermail. Please enquire for international and other options.

Per policy, pic w/date and username:
I've also got a couple of hollows to add:

This one was in nice shape with little wear and it has an especially sturdy original box. Spent a bunch of time polishing it up carefully. Alas, it doesn't hone flat, definitely need to use a rolling X with this one. Took a fine edge in the end from my suita though and now that the bevel is set shouldn't be super much hassle with maintenance. Scales are cracked at the (lead) wedge end but the pin is tight and they do their job just fine. $30
George Johnson & Co. has a super long history and you're more likely to see them from the early and mid 1800s. I wound up with a hollow that includes "England" so post 1891 and probably one of their last as they shuttered in 1904. But it is more warped than the other and you may have to dodge some pitting. I have a 2" JNAT that works great on such blades and it shaves nicely for me so I'll probably finding someone to enjoy it locally here in Toronto where I can help maintain it for them but figured I'd add it on this post for completeness in the off chance someone wants it to go for the history to go with others they have from the same maker or likes the etch or is local and wants to get into straights inexpensively with a unique piece $16
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