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Worth the effort?

Bought a new straight today.
15 e I paid for it.
Took 5 minutes on the stones to get a nice edge.
I can put in the time and make it shine
But is it worth it?
Anybody ever heard of this one?
It says Cobra.
Solingen. IMG_20190829_172947.jpg
That’s entirely up to you. Wouldn’t take much to use some liquid polish and a rag though so not sure why you wouldn’t give it at least a once over. Looks like it says Cora to me.
That's a nice razor. Good width.

My primary concern with old razors is to make sure there is no active rust on the blade. Yours looks pretty good. There are some black spots you might want to check/address. I usually start with 0000 steel wool and polish.
I had three shaves with this razor and it truly is incredible.
Solinger Hohlschliff can't be beat.They don't make knives like these anymore .


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i havent used one myself, but ive heard really good things about cobras. It looks like it should polish up nicely