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GIVEAWAY! Worldwide razor PIF - plus bonus UK items!

Wow! @EclipseRedRing what an incredible way to "pay it forward". I already desired to live in merry old England but now I really wish I were there. I do have family there as a cousin of mine recently moved there for work.

As to the topics you brought up. I'm not the type of man that does much celebrating, if I'm being honest. I'm pretty modest and due to lots of disappointment, don't usually get excited about things until just before they happen.

I can say that I have changed my life for the better buy staying determined and not succumbing to the pressure or trauma life deals us. I have remained a fighter and not allowed myself to be a quiter. No matter what. Because of this attitude and strength I now have an education (in more than one field), a great job at a great company, children and a truly unique and amazing woman at my side.

For my job and my loved ones, I am thankful. They're all reasons for me to celebrate and feel blessed.

Let none of us take for granted the amazing people in our lives as things can change in an instant. Appreciate your education, your jobs (if they are good and you're treated well), your loved ones and yourself.

Thank you @EclipseRedRing for being a true gentleman. I'm glad you're part of this community.
A 7oclock razor would be a great adution to my collection so please put me in.

What has made my life good is my wife and my health.
Today is our 21st anniversary. Her health has not been good over the years but my health has been great. Sure, ive worn out joints and have needed surgery but my health seems to always stay good. She has beat cancer and other major issues but she is tio mean to be held down.

She is the strength in my life and has made me what I am. An old guy who didnt think Id live so long doing the stuff I used to do.
Thank you for a very generous PIF @EclipseRedRing . I am in. I have the short comb version and would be great to add the long comb to the collection. Thank you!

What made me a better man? I have to say all of my teachers and friends and family that didn’t limit my imagination and always pushed me forward and encouraged my curiosity. I will forever be grateful for the support of my family, teachers and friends.
That is a very generous and tempting PIF, Richard. I'm respectfully not in.

Nonetheless, I'll note that I celebrate both my indoor time that includes a lot of pleasurable interaction with the gentlefolk on B&B and also my abundant outdoor time that renews my spirit, my fitness, and my physical health.
If you prefer not to do so then a simple 'I am in' will also qualify.

I almost missed this part in your OP!

I'm in!

The truth is, much of my life has been a train wreck, I've dealt with many hardships and many losses. Things just didn't go well for me as it has for many other's, and as such, I have nothing special to boast about, things to be very optimistic about, so nothing to really go on celebrating about. Having said that, I guess I could say that I appreciate wet shaving, and that is something that many of us can get behind, since were traditional wet shavers here.

Lastly, very nice generous PIF, I especially like that mug!
Thanks to the generosity and friendship of B&B members I have been the lucky recipient of more than one PIF here at B&B and it is high time I returned the compliment. With this in mind I offer the following PIF and I will draw the winner at random in about two weeks.

How to enter - reply to this thread and tell us about something that you have had cause to celebrate, or some way in which you have changed your life for the better, or a way in which your life has otherwise been blessed. If you prefer not to do so then a simple 'I am in' will also qualify.

This PIF is open to all members worldwide and the lucky winner will receive in the post the following:

A 7 O'Clock open comb razor in an excellent condition green metal case, complete with an open pack of vintage 7 O'Clock blades. This is basically a Gillette New long comb with a different stamp and it shaves beautifully. The base plate is perfect, but there is a little wear to the handle and cap both of which could easily be replaced. I estimate this as around 1930 before Gillette acquired the 7 O'Clock company. The metal case is really lovely and is similar in construction to a metal Rotbart case of the same period.

View attachment 1510037
View attachment 1510036
View attachment 1510034

If the winner is based in the UK then in addition to the razor they will also receive the following:

Three unused tubes of Proraso shaving cream.

View attachment 1510042

Also, a Shulton Old Spice mug - this is type 'Late Glass Mug 01' from the late 1960s and has a late tabbed lid with some wear to the graphics. A couple of brushes, one synthetic and one Vie Long boar (kindly included in a PIF to me by @Multum in parvo ), twenty Wilkinson Sword German made blades, and a half 135cc bottle of vintage Shulton Old Spice. I believe this to be prior to 1970 as the name is below the ship, the volume is in CC, and it has the grey, type three bottle stopper with no embossed star. Correction - the Vie Long brush is horse.

View attachment 1510043

As explained, if the winner is NOT UK based then they will receive the razor ONLY as the full package above would be prohibitively expensive to post and in any case the aftershave would not be permitted in the Royal Mail. In this case the remaining items will go into storage for my next PIF.

Good luck to all who enter, so.... who is in and what have you got to celebrate?
I just had a beautiful family trip to Disney w/the whole blended family. We called it our "familymoon" trip, and everyone loved it!

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