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World’s Mildest (New) Razor?

i have been tempted to get a 6S but I just missed the recent 15% off sale. Hopefully they will have a memorial day or fathers day sale.
I have the 6C. It’s the best razor I own...and the only one I plan on keeping (so far). I heard from Kevy Shaves that it’s smoother than the 6S because of the chrome finish. It’s also half the price👍🏻
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I have the 6C! Will try plate A today👍🏻
Thank you.
OK...I tried plate 1 just now...possibly the worst shave in my life (in terms of efficiency)...mild as anything, but totally useless. Actually, reminded me of my first mild shaver in High School...like a piece of plastic rubbing on my face:
However, I flipped the plate over to 3, and I got one of the best shaves of my life (very smooth and moderately efficient).
I'm starting to give up on the possibility of a BBS shave. Right now, I'm happy with the Rockwell plate 3.
(Comfort is more important to me than efficiency!)
I ordered a few more (higher end) mild razors, so we'll see how I get on with them.
The mamba 53 is pretty darned mild, but I’ve never tried anything under plate 4 on my Rockwell 6S.

I’ve also never tried anything under plate b in karve.
It's hard to imagine anything milder than the RazoRock Mamba .53. It's my go to razor for days where I've got some lingering irritation from prior shaves. I've never tried the Masamune though.
Thanks. I have four mild razors on the way. If they don't work out (or maybe even if they do lol) I will look into RazoRock. I know a lot of people around here like them...Mamba, Lupo, BBS, etc...so they must be good!
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