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Works Like a Charm

just got the Atomic Rocket.
Thanks to the advice here, I made my first later. I am I will improve over time.


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Thanks all. I did another batch with a midge more water. I was using a bowl and now a large diameter coffee mug with a handle.
Do you bowl lather or face lather? How is the backbone? You said you were surprised at the size, can you elaborate please?
First use with the Atom Razor Rocket. Lather was thin but effective. The E2 was flawless on two passes, WTG/ATG.
Great brush. I love mine. Its by far the biggest brush I own. You cant beat the price for a brush like this, plus i like the old school vibe.

Just dunk it in water for a few seconds then squeeze the water out and add water as needed. Should give you a great lather.

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Just relaying what works for me. We all have our own methods. Some work better than others for different people.

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