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Wooden Shave Soap Bowl give away

I have this very nice Kingsley wooden shave soap bowl I want to pif. It contains an almost full puck of Haslinger. I only used it 2 or 3 times. This is a very nice soap one of my favorites but I also have it in stick form so I'm decided to give this nice bowl & soap away.
If you would like this, then post here. I will pick a winner today. So stay tuned.
Sorry I will only ship to the 48 States.

soap dish.jpg
The Haslinger soap in this bowl is an excellent soap. One of the best performers I ever used. This pif is really equal parts for the bowl and the soap. They are both fantastic items by themself.
That is a beautiful bowl/soap and such an incredibly generous offer!
I am north of the 49th so won't be participating.
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