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Wooden Knobbed Progress and Brushes

Well I did it, and it was a PITA. My lathe isn't set up for turning such small parts. I broke 2 knobs on the lathe, the 3rd i drill a hole in a chunk of wood, epoxied the Progress handle to it. When it dried I chucked it in my drill press and shaped it with a rasp and sandpaper. Bob.
Fantastic! Great job. You might need to get another lathe for small parts as I'd expect others to want these as well!
I just need to get a drill chuck to fit in the headstock of my lathe, I've never really needed one be for. They're about $35 new but I'll look on ebay.

You have transformed the Progress a much more desirable razor... now I have no excuse not to get one sometime very soon (as soon as I figure out how to get one of those wooden knobs).
jfm said:
That is beautiful. What kind of wood and treatment did you use? - Justin
Bolivian Rosewood with a Tung Oil finish.
I got a 2 by 2 by 24 inch blank at the local Woodcraft store for $25.
I'm trying to score a drill chuck on e-bay, I'm watching a couple.
Is this going to start a new razor mod fad like iPod mods and Civic tuning? I could make couple custom machined metal or plastic knobs.
Geez that looks nice!

Now just picture a really nice matching wooden stand, and that is the kind of thing that people will be handing down to their children and their children's children.

I still think I'm going to try a similar approach but with aluminum.

Thanks for the inspiration - wet shaving modding has begun!


jfm said:
Again, beautiful. Are you going into business by chance?

Maybe, first I need to get a drill chuck for my lathe and some small turning tools. One mistake and a small hallow part like this knob just shatters.
I am claiming rights over two new TV series:

Pimp Your Blade and Monster Shaver

Bob - you will definitely be the captain of the inaugural build team!:biggrin:
The monster shaver first project will involve modifying a standard HD so that it has some sort of torch - like what they use to singe off the last of the fine feathers on a chicken - talk about some serious razor burn!:eek:
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