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Wood-handle Ever-Ready Rejuvenation

Received this wood-handled Ever-Ready brush in sorry shape and decided I’d like to try my hand and give it a renewed shot at service. I don’t intend to get it to like-new condition and am not tied to keeping it true to the manufacturer’s specs, but I like the size and shape and would like it to be useable.


First step, I went to cut the knot off and once I started cutting realized the knot would pull out with a little effort. Excellent, since I wasn’t looking forward to drilling out the glue...


The knot opening measures about 20mm, so I ordered an 18mm Master Silvertip knot from TGN.
Looks like a winner - let us know how it performs with the new knot!
I revamped two vintage brushes so far - a Ever-Ready 200T and a Fuller. I drilled out both knots on those brushes, not hard but took a bit to get the depth right.
The Ever-Ready got a 20mm finest badger and the Fuller a 22mm Timberwolf synthetic. I enjoyed revamping those brushes and putting them to good use again. Waiting for delivery on another to do the same thing!
Knot arrived from Scottsdale today. The Golden Nib Master Silvertip 18mm. Feels nice straight out of the shipping envelope and fits the ~20mm opening with plenty of wiggle room. The depth seems perfect without modification.


A bit of two-part epoxy and now it will spend a couple days drying on the shelf. Looks like it’s in good company, though.