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Women Volunteers Needed

I need several unbiased women "Volunteers" to test two new products I have formulated and would like to market. If you know of anyone who would be interested; Wife, Girlfriend, Mom, Sister or Friend please have them email me at [email protected]

Here is the criteria:

From me:
~ Guaranteed complete anonymitiy, correspondance by email only.

~ Two free products; one for bathing/showering and one for shaving. ~ Emailed questionnaire to complete.

From volunteer:

-~ use both products for five consecutive days,

~ Complete an emailed questionnaire honestly and return it to me at the end of the five day trial.

~ Must use a razor (non-electric), of any type for shaving.

~ Must use a Bath Pouf or Scrunchy for bathing/showering as opposed to a washcloth.

Thank you, Sue
There are two posts, would one of the moderators please delete one of them? Thank you, Sue
I now have enough women volunteers. You guys are great !! Thank you, Sue
You didn't by any chance have an impostor wearing green goo try to get in on the gig did you? :biggrin:
mark the shoeshine boy said:
:001_tt2: :001_tt2: :001_tt2:

:blushing: :glare: :sad:

you ain't funny...that wasn't right...

mark tssb
Sorry Mark. But hey, free product is free product. We have to pull out all the stops just to try to keep up with Ron. :biggrin:
'Free' is good, BUT you don't want to smell like a woman .... both test items are fragranced.

Could get'cha in trouble.

Rik said:
There's your product label Sue. What woman could resist. :001_tt1:



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The most difficult part of making my products, especially the spicy love potions, is obtaining all of the proper ingredients. Eye of Newt is very expensive and quite often out of stock.

Good laugh Mark, thank you !! I just might have to use that label :) you don't mind do you?

mark the shoeshine boy said:
"manly yes...but I like it too"

I would love to see you use it !!!!

mark tssb
It could be the MTSSB Limited Edition Series, complete with a certificate of authenticity.

One way or another brother, we'll get you that national face recognition you deserve. :thumbup1:
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