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Women Marine Recruits 31 years ago

I graduated the torture chamber commonly referred to as MCRD PI in late fall of 1982 and after A school got stationed at NAS Cecil Field Fla.

On occasional weekends myself and a few close friends would make a day trip of driving back to PI, spend the day walking around and relish our freedom and enjoy the experience of looking from the outside in.

This pic was taken on a Sunday morning in August of 1984. I would love to connect with any of them and find out how they are, how their experience was, etc. I know the odds of any of them recognizing themselves in a photo posted on a website devoted primarily to the art of shaving is extremely slim, but hey, it's worth a try :)

Never underestimate the ability of people to recognize someone from many years earlier. While in basic training, I thought I spotted someone marching by who I hadn't seen since Kindergarten. We were both equally amazed soon after when I was able to run over for a moment and confirm it.
You might hit up some of the USMC websites and look for people who were in recruit training around that time to see if they might have a copy of their yearbook. It's too bad that their platoon number isn't in that photo, but I can't imagine there were too many female platoons at the time.

Check this site out too: http://www.yellowfootprints.com/yearbook/index.php
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