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Women like Pipe Smokers. It's true!!

Which means diddly squat when you're a married man such as myself.

However, at least once a week, smoking my briar outside of my work in Boston, I get some kind of positive comment from a woman... some were probably old enough to be my grandma, others probably were in kindergarten when I was graduating high-school. (Oh yeah, I should mention that I'm getting oldish!)

Anyway, a co-worker of mine goes to lunch sometimes with a funny blonde bombshell every now and again. She hasn't been around since I switched from ciggs to pipe. She saw me smoking and said "YOU smoke a pipe?? That is SO cool!" and she went on and on about it. At first I thought she was being sarcastic or something, but she's one of those super-nice people, and she kept going on about it, she was sincere. My ego definitely made out well!

Usually people comment on how the smell of the bacci smoke reminds them of someone they used to know (grandpa's house or whatnot). Being called 'cool' was a first, and certainly not expected today.

Funny too, because I was actually a little shy about smoking the pipe at work... I wasn't sure how it would have been received. So Pipe smokers... don't be shy, head out in the world and proudly show off your tobacco loyalty! (In properly designated smoking areas, of course!)


The wife's investment
I've found that lots of women like the smell of the smoke wafting from my pipe in their general direction. Even my wife likes the smell, BUT when it comes time for kissing she is grossed out. So I have to plan my pipe smoking for days when I know she doesn't want to be intimate. Sometimes I will ask if she minds if I smoke and she will reply with, "That depends. Do you want to have "fun" tonight?" Then I have to choose...
Over the years I have been surprised about the number of women and even a few guys who have made positive comments about my pipes and their fragrance. One lady saw the pipe and tobacco pouch on my desk and immediately remarked that she knew there was something elegant about me.

Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think any of that ever happens to cigarette smokers.
Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think any of that ever happens to cigarette smokers.

It's true, in all the years of cigarette smoking I don't recall any friendly/positive comments. I think that's why I am so surprised in the few months of pipe smoking I have heard so many compliments. I'd say it's been 70% women and 30% men who say something. I'd also say it's probably been a 50/50 mix of smokers and non-smokers who have said something to me. Usually non-smokers poo-poo all tobacco, so it's extra strange to get compliments from them.
I've had a lot of positive comments about the smell of my pipe smoke and a couple of surprised comments about how good a good cigar smells. The odd thing is the former were all in relation to English or Balkan blends! The GF even likes the "aftertaste" (smokey but sweet, she says). So much for Latakia lepers.

Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think any of that ever happens to cigarette smokers.

Only once. I was smoking Gundag Garams (Indonesian clove cigarettes) in the front bar of an in suburban pub and a hottie next to me said something to the effect that if we all smoked those we'd be asked to light up.
In 42 years of pipe smoking I have received only one negative comment about the tobacco I was smoking, and that was almost 40 years ago when I was smoking an especially strong English blend. The only times I get negative comments now is when I am not smoking and I get those antismoking types who do the fake cough and hand wave. Never have I had that happen when the pipe has been loaded up and burning.

I always got the comment, "my grandfather smoked a pipe." Now I get, "you remind me of my grandfather smoking a pipe." Getting old is a trip.
My wife is not crazy about the smell but oddly likes my Bombay Court tobacco despite the Latakia content. Oh well, I am consigned to smoking outside.
I get compliments from time to time. Pipe tobacco just smells good and usually folks tend to have good memories about it. I guess I'm fortunate that my wife let's me enjoy my pipe whenever I see fit and will still "have fun" regardless... Frankly I think she digs the combo of pipe tobacco, whiskey and aftershave.
Yeah, the wife has "gotten used to" the sights and smells of my pipe smoking. She smokes cigarettes, as I did before I switched over. So it's strange for her to see me with a briar hanging out of my mouth.

The corn cob made her think of Christmas... although that probably has something to do with me having similar curves as Frosty the Snowman...!

She has gotten to enjoy the smells of the pipe smoke, and all the brands seem to remind her of something.
A good bowl once in a while is always great. I used to find it so relaxing. Also, you are right, IMPO, the ladies love the smell of a good pipe even more then a good cigar! I stopped two years ago since I was getting palpitations and the cardiologist indicated that it would be to my benefit to stop any smoking no matter how sporatic. Anyhow, the health is getting back in order now. That being said, I had two brands of pipe tobacco that the ladies absolutely love, one was this italian brand with wonderfull aromatics and the other was a black cherry. Most prefered the latter but I prefered smoking the italian aromatics. It tasted devine.
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