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FT Wolfman WRH2 and Charcoal Magnum

Greetings B&B,

Looking to trade my WRH2 in basic brushed finish for trade for another Wolfman handle in basic brushed, either a WRH3, WRH7, Darwin.

I have a Charcoal Goods brass magnum handle for trade for another Charcoal handle in brass, either a Bishop, Helix, etc, just not the 100 mm long options. The whole razor is a Lvl 3 OC in bright brass, if you have a Lvl 3 copper or antique finished brass, I might be willing to trade the whole razor.

I live in Canada and would have to ship to/from Canada.

I have a hammered brass handle. Looks like the Magnum but thinner. I've only used it two or three times as I find it too thin. I usually use my brass TiBam and Alpha handles (shown below) with my CG razor. I'd be willing to trade you the hammered handle and one of those for your Magnum.
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