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Wolfman WR2 SB 1.05, Karve C and D, Techs, Red Tip for Sale

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I call this my pre-estate sale. I have quite a few razors and want to dispose of some of them. My sons have no interest in DE shaving so their loss can be your gain. Here is what I have and the price I am asking for them. All reasonable offers will be considered. All sales are CONUS.

  • First up is a Wolfman WR2 SB 1.05 razor in mirror finish. I am the original owner of this beautiful razor. It performs great. Unfortunately, I just don’t use it enough. I paid $590 plus shipping for this razor, and it can be yours for $615 with free shipping.
  • Second is a gold pre-war Tech plus case and blade holder. It is in decent condition and shaves great. It does not have a date code. Combined is a post-war Tech. I bought this from a seller on Etsy and it came unopened it a box. I was the first person to use the razor. It came with an original blade that has never been used. The date code is L3. Both razors can be yours for $40 plus $9.45 for US Postal Priority mail.
  • A Christopher Bradley Karve Razor with C and D plates. The original box. $80 plus $9.45 for U.S. Postal Priority Mail.
  • A Gillette Red Tip razor. There is no date code. It is in decent shape and works flawlessly. $25 plus $9.45.
P.M. me with comments, questions, and offers.
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Wolf side view.jpg
Wolf side view apart.jpg
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The Gold Tech has been sold. All other items are available.

The Silver Tech can be had for $20 plus shipping.
A final markdown on the Karve razor with two plates and the Wolfman. If new the Karve would cost $101 U.S. plus shipping. Reduce to $75 plus shipping.

Wolfman new price has been reduced to $580 with shipping included in the price.
To answer a question on the Karve razor. Yes, it is brass and it has developed a patina. The original brass look can be restored by polish.

FYI, the Wolfman currently sells for $719 on the Wolfman website.
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