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FS Wolfman WR2 .95-SB with WRH1 Solid Handle, Basic Brushed (Matte) Finish

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Wolfman WR2 .95-SB with WRH1 Solid Handle, Basic Brushed (Matte) Finish

This razor is in excellent condition. It has never been dropped and has always been taken apart and wiped down after every time I’ve used it. There is one small mark/ding on the bottom of the baseplate that I’ve tried to point out in one of the pictures below (it’s below the “W” in “WR2”). Includes original Wolfman box and microfiber cloth.

Reason for selling is to refine my shaving gear collection to just my absolute favorite products, and even though I like this razor a lot, I have a couple more that I like using even more.

Price: $295
CONUS shipping included

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That thing is sweet. How aggressive is this compared to something like a Edwin Jagger DE89?

In terms of blade feel, I'd say it's about the same compared to the EJ, but the Wolfman is more efficient.

I like mild razors (e.g. Feather AS-D2, RazoRock Game Changer, King C Gillette, Rockwell 6S R3) and I've enjoyed using this Wolfman in rotation with my others. To me, it seems pretty mild, but at the same time, it's my most efficient razor.
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