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Wolfman WR2 1.05 and the Karve CB

I'm equivocating now. Today's 1.15 shave went a little too close and I got some irritation in just two small spots. Lovely smooth and close shave with my two passes (WTG, XTG). I think I may have been pushing too much on the razor in certain classic areas (left mustache/chin area and left lower lip area). The 1.05 probably accommodated the error in my technique. The 1.15 did not. Such a close shave though, and I can tell the difference in efficiency. 1.05 is leaning towards being more face/skin friendly for now.

To be consistent, I would sometimes get careless with the Karve C plate and have this same irritation in the same places. This shave was with a GSB, fwiw.

Nowadays I don't put any pressure at all on the razor regardless of what razor it is. If it needs another pass, I do so. I have given myself nasty cuts with even razors reputed to be vey mild because I used pressure to overcome their lower efficiency.
This was a great review. Thank you. My favourite before tumbling down the rabbit hole was R4/R5.

I did not like the B Plate. I preferred the C Plate. The D was a bit much. Though I moved on to my BB and haven’t used my Karve Brass since.

The 1.25 is the razor to beat for me, but every second day, it’s a tad much. Sounds like the 1.15 would be the ultimate sweet spot for me.

This was a great review.

Thanks! That's why we all do this in the end. To help others :)

I've been using the 1.15 since I've received it. Again, shaving every other day. This razor is hard to beat. My plan is to shave on Wednesday with the 1.05 just to see/feel how it goes.

Does one need both of these? That's what I'm trying to decide. My thoughts:
(1) keep both and have a daily shaver 1.05 with the more aggressive 1.15 for those other days,
(2) keep the 1.15 because it's the most efficient with more than acceptable blade feel and other milder shavers for daily use are easier to find (the Karve B/C fill this role in my den), or
(3) keep the 1.05 as a daily because it can just darn do everything well, RAD-killer status.

I am leaning towards (1) just because I have both, and I don't HAVE to make a decision.
I shave daily and so the 1.05 sb is the most perfect razor hat I have ever used for my face. It shaves so mildly that i almost do not feel it cutting the hairs and jt leaves no irritation at all and yet is one of the most efficient razors I own. As a result I don't really feel the need to go up to 1.15 or more though I would have liked another wr2 with rhe wrh2 handle.
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