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FT Wolfman WR1 for WR2

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Greetings B&B,

I have for trade, a Wolfman WR1 0.86 OC. It's basic polish from his first drop of the basic finishes. It's been a workhorse of my den for over 2 years, only trading because I have the exact same setup in titanium. As such, there are signs of use and a few microscratches.

I'm mainly looking for a WR2 SB in 1.55 or 1.65, or perhaps a 1.45. I would prefer to keep my WRH2 handle, but let me know as it could potentially be traded based on finish.

I live in Canada for shipping considerations.

I also have a Charcoal Lvl 3 OC for trade.

Let me know if you have questions.
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