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Wolfman Wednesday

Brush: Rudy Vey “Mandarin” Shavemac 24mm 2 Band Silvertip
Blade: Polsilver Stainless (3)
Soap: Tabac, I have not used Tabac for 6 months, in fact I threw out all the Tabac I had back then it irritated my skin and made my face red, but since they changed the formula thought I would try it again, so far it is going great.
Razor: WR2 SB 1.35 w/ Timeless Ti Crown 👑 Handle
Post Shave: 4711, Hyaluronic Acid

144B7C5A-D63E-4CC7-B9E7-0573340A61E0.jpeg 8C054BF1-FEB2-4C79-BA9C-80A42109CBF7.jpeg E6345ED5-1E1D-454B-A55E-5577AEFF8317.jpeg 0A2BE06C-AB29-4D2C-9E70-077A381AFB97.jpeg D10994DF-E3D2-41B8-9345-7F91453A304D.jpeg
WR2 1.25
Matilda 2-Band Rhodium 26mm
Greek Cafe soap/splash

rapira was excellent in today’s timeless shave but not that good in the WR2.. live and learn

for anyone that has this soap splash combo, do u get burn from it? I light up like Rudolph’s nose, and get a terrible burn feeling, not sure what it is? The cardamom?
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Wow, I've never seen that gap before.

Mine is a 1.45 which gives a great shave, today with a Bic. View attachment 1328574
The 1.65 is not a "standard" gap they offer, but after a bunch of research, that's the one I decided on. FWIW, they let me know that if I chose a nonstandard gap, they wouldn't accept a return of it. I don't know (but would like to know) what the max that he can make is. I prefer very efficient razors. This is only my second shave with this razor, though, so just getting to know it.
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