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Wolfman Wednesday

Today’s weekly Wolfman Wednesday Shave report brought to you by Mike’s Natural Coconut Soap.

Guided by their fearless Captain, a Chubby Badger and Wolf made quick haste exiting the den for an epic showdown with a hairy beast. When confronted the stubborn beast turned a side-eye glare toward them and raised its stubble in defiance, drawing the battle line. Using a light Feather touch with almost mythical precision and efficiency, the Wolf’s fangs cut against the beast’s skin. When finished, the Chubby Badger and Wolf left the beast’s skin feeling Baby Bottom Smooth.

Razor: Wolfman 1.25/WRH2
Blade: Feather
Brush: Simpson’s Chubby 2 Super
Soap: Mike’s Natural Soap Coconut
Bowl: Captain’s Choice Copper​

Happy Shaving Everyone!
Shave Wolf Wed.jpg

Face wash with Neutrogena Liquid Facial Soap
Haslinger Coconut, Tallow Formula
Hoffritz Badger
Captain’s Choice Copper
Wolfman SS SB 1.05
Personna Lab
Thayers WH & Proraso ASB
Versace, The Dreamer
It’s Wednesday so the Wolfman sees action today. The blade is a Personna Lab that has seen its 3rd shave. The Haslinger soap will remain in my rotation this month. Another fine shave today. The Hoffritz is a brush I will never leave out of my rotation but I sure wish I had picked a larger brush when I bought it in 1993. Have a great day, gents.
Bay Wolf Shark.jpg

Razor Wolfman WR2 1.15 SB WRH2 Solid Handle 100mm
Blade Shark Platinum (4 and done)
Brush Captain's Choice Tuxedo
Bowl Captain's Choice Seaworthy Abaco Lather Bowl
Soap Captain's Choice Bay Rum
Balm Captain's Choice Bay Rum
AS Captain's Choice Bay Rum

Rating 9.5/10 BBS

My Wolfman met with Captain's Choice today for an excellent shave BBS shave. The only fly in the ointment was that the Shark Platinum blade which was still smooth on it's 4th shave, began to lose efficiency. When I was done, I found stubble still standing in a spot that I had covered very well in my previous 3 passes and required yet another couple of passes to eliminate. I deep sixed that blade.
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