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FS Wolfman Ti, Paladin, Carbon, Soaps

Looking to clear out some items. Prices include shipping CONUS. Currently located in Germany on a military base so able to ship USPS. For OCONUS buyers we can work out a shipping price via PM with DHL.

1. Paladin Sumo 26mm G7 knot in Neptune color scheme. $145

2. Soap/Splash lot that includes ETHOS melange splash, Wholly Kaw padre leone soap/splash, Shannon’s soap Inspirazone Di Lusso soap, Cutting Edge evergreen and cedar soap, Wholly Kaw bare siero soap. $55

3. Viking soaps brush handle with APshavco 2 bed 26mm synthetic knot. $35

4. Carbon shaving Titanium razor with original .68 plate and carbon fiber/titanium handle. $340

5. Wolfman WR1 Titanium 61/.74 with Darwin handle all in basic brushed finish. Only 3 shaves with it. I prefer the weight on my SS more. $850 or trade for a Brass WR1 .80.


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Thanks! I’ve debated it for a long time but I have one of the copper carbons in .68 and it gets more use than my Ti version. I really don’t have a need to keep two of the same razor but the Ti is just as good.
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