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Wolfman: On the waiting list. Questions.

Chan Eil Whiskers

Fumbling about.
If they do things the way they should do things… people who have submitted the ‘order’ form should have their prices locked in despite any price increase that happens. What do you guys think?

As someone on the waiting list, I agree.

As a business owner, I'm sure they'll do what works for their business. (Not that I always do.)

Happy shaves,

Was just on the site and saw this on the Auction page but no pics yet...

September 17 2021 (Starting time 2:00pm EST) Item description: Polished copper WR1-DC Razor Head (OC.74/SB.61) with Darwin Handle
I am just saying that if people put in an “order” at a certain price, it should be honored. And being honorable is what works best for an upstanding business.
I would be surprised if the current prices for those of us on the wait list aren’t honoured.

Wolfman razors sell all day long on EBay for $600-ish. I don’t blame James for wanting to capture some of this revenue. Flippers are making more money than he is per razor. Don’t blame him for raising his prices. I just hope I get my second (and last likely as 2 is enough) prior to any price increase.
It will be interesting to see what the pricing and menu option updates will be. As the customer on the waitlist, I would hope that being on the list that the prices don't go up, that said I guess I'm fine if I'm on the list and they go down. From the business side, there is probably no good time to update prices when there is a 4-8 month waitlist that customers can sign up for.

A brass/copper WR1 went for high $500s CAD this previous weekend. The gap was 0.54, so not sure if that reduced demand and bidding or if people didn't know it was going on. Cool to see some of these pieces that Mr Dufour has made come to market rather than sitting in storage at the shop. I'm likely priced out of the auctions and will enjoy sitting on the sidelines, but I'm happy to see the money go to maker and not someone auctioning it on ebay.
I got on the list this time on June 5th. I will now have a WR2 SB .95 WRH1, WR2 SB 1.05 WRH2, and a WR2 SB 1.15 Darwin. I was going to order a WR2 1.25 WRH7 later this month. But it looks like I will have to wait until November. I love these razors but I do have one complaint. They do not indicate the blade gap on the baseplate. Timeless and RazoRock put the blade gap on the baseplate. Karve puts a letter on the baseplate. The letter indicates the gap. I wish Wolfman would mark the baseplate with the gap.
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