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Wolfman is open

It all means there will be another batch selling on The Bay at $1500-1800 range in a week time. :001_rolle


I'm a Lumberjack.
Won’t see mine up. I know it’s up to the seller on how much they ask but I just wouldn’t feel right doing that. If and that’s a big f I were to sell one of mine I’d list it for what I paid for it but to buy one only to resell it immediately for a big profit just seems wrong and I’m guessing James doesn’t appreciate that and in fact from what I hear if he finds out someone is doing that it will be the last Wolfman razor that person will ever get.
at this rate he could do it like a puppy adoption
meetings interview

congrats on finally getting one!
You never hear of someone getting their first Wolfman. Always repeat customers who claim to be best friends with James.

Maybe one day mere mortals will be permitted to order one...
I just check randomly and have gotten 2. I don’t have a special in with Wolfman so I am just like everyone else. Just keep checking and you can get lucky too.
You know I wonder how many people actually do that! I know it’s a free market but I could not do that in good faith. I’ve never personally talked to James to find out if the rumor is true that if he finds out your the type that buys his razors only to role it over for a profit and he finds out he won’t ever allow you to buy another one of his razors.

I’ve had conversation with him only about my order and based on that he seems like a good guy who’s working his butt off to get the customers their razors as fast as he can. His customer service was excellent and I asked him to change my order twice. I had forgot in my haste to order a stand and I messaged him and he wrote back and said now problem and sent me a link which opened the site. I added the stand and he confirmed he got the order. A friend of mine who already had an .86 SB had sent it to me to try and after shaving with it I realized that I wanted the same gap and an OC so I messaged James again and asked if it was to late to change my order and this was in a Saturday night and I got a message on Sunday from James saying I got your message and I’m working on your razor right and and I’ll change the order to a OC and it will ship out on Monday. That’s what I call good customer service in my books!

It’s the same way I feel about what I call the “ users and returners” and you can usually tell who they are. They order a Artisan razor from a company like Timeless for example knowing that the razor has a 30 day return policy. They then get the razor use it and of course post on here and every other forum and say yeah I just got mine and I’m going to shave with it tonight or tomorrow. Well tomorrow comes and then they begin by reporting well maybe I used the wrong blade cause it wasn’t as smooth a shave as I thought it would be and I got some nicks, weepers or irritation. I’ll try it agin with another blade.
Meanwhile the razor is getting great reviews from a lot of the members that you know have good technique and put out realistic reviews.
A few days later that same guy comes in the thread and says I’m not sure about this razor it’s a lot more aggressive than my Superspeed or any other $10 razor they may mention. Or it’s way to mild etc etc. An so begins the process of returning the razor and Justifing it! I wonder how many of them know and really don’t care that when Timeless gets that razor back they can’t resell them! I could not do that! I’d sell it myself and take a $20 or $30 loss rather than send it back knowing Timeless has to dump them or recycle them. Nope that’s not way I roll and I know a lot of other members on here that feel the same way I do.

So sorry for the rant guys but sometimes you just gotta get it out!
It makes me wish that ebay listings had a feature where you could post comments/questions that would show up for everyone to see... I see these listings for things like Wolfman's for $1k or B&M soaps for $100, and I'd love to go to each one of them and just post "LOL"
How it can be RARE when is still in production?

I predict their price will collapse to $500-600 on the Bay soon.
And I hope those who buy just to flip loose a dollar or two at the end of the day...
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