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FS Wolfman .48mm SB with WRH7 Handle (polished)

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I am looking to sell my (standard) polished Wolfman .48mm SB with WRH7 Handle. This is the full set used only 8-10 times. I received it directly from Wolfman on 1/7/21 and it will ship with all the original packaging, boxes, padding and Wolfman microcloth. The condition is "effectively new", which is to say virtually identical to the day I received it (I can't see any blemishes at all anywhere). I have attached lots of pictures but feel free to ask me for any particular images I may not have taken.

I am asking for $600 including shipping. CONUS buyers only. I will ship using FEDEX because I have had extremely long delays recently via USPS on several items that I have sold on eBay. I will also insure the razor for its full value and I will not accept returns.

Payment is via Zelle only. I realize that this is somewhat unusual, but I have taken a bath on an $800 wristwatch in the last week that I sold via eBay/PayPal G&S (you can read the saga on the "PayPal Chump" post pinned up top) and I don't want to "reward" PayPal for the fiasco by using F&F either. As a seller, there is zero protection against fraudulent returns/refunds and I just can't risk it with this razor (I'd rather keep it than take that kind of risk again).

I am a member in excellent standing here (and on other boards) and I am sure recent transaction partners here would be willing to vouch for my integrity (I sold my entire collection of APR soaps and splashes here and have PIF'd several items in the last year). Beyond that, my username on eBay is "atxwatch" and I have 100% feedback there with my two most recent sales being razors (Fatip Gentile and Gamechanger .68mm).

If there is anything else you'd like to see about the razor or questions about the transaction, please let me know.

Looks like my terms are a bit too difficult (because I think the price is generally fair). Willing to go with Paypal F&F if that makes someone's life easier or potentially another payment service that isn't Paypal G&S.
Was this just not the wolf for you?

Basically. I love my WR2 and bought the WR1 thinking it would be a similarly easy/smooth shave. But the WR1 shaves much differently than the WR2. Even the .48mm gap has a slightly positive blade exposure and feels MUCH more aggressive and eficient than the .95mm SB I have on the WR2. Shaving shallow increased the blade feel beyond what I was comfortable with and going steep gave me a great smooth shave, but came with the headache of maintaining a steep angle and then having to readjust when using my other 3 razors. In the end, it was just too much work to get this to make sense.
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