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Wismec Theorem

I ordered and received a Wismec Theorem atomizer earlier this week. I'm really enjoying it so far. The airflow is unbelievable. One of my complaints about most atomizers is the lack of airflow. On the Theorem I have the dual flow insert in, but I have it closed down to about 75%. I wasn't a fan of the geni tanks when they were big. This one has some of the benefits of a geni, but it's easier to used and tastes great like a regular dripper. I'm not a cloud chaser, but clouds come pretty easy.

The jury is still out on the included notch coil. It is a little bit picky and takes a bit to get dialed in. After that it's pretty decent. I comes pre-wicked with way too much cotton. I think it would be garbage if I didn't trim the wick. I trimmed it a little bit shorter than the bottom of tank. This is a common suggestion on most youtube videos. I liked vaping it best on TC mode. I have been running it between 380-420 F with an 80/20 VG heavy juice.

One of the concerns is the location of the fill hole. The top cap pulls off and there is a hole on the back side of the build deck. I use VG heavy blends, so it's hard to get the juice to go into the hole without using a blunt needle bottle or dropper. It wasn't a problem until I picked up a bottle of juice that had one of the glue bottle type caps.

There are some cons to the Theorem, but what addy doesn't have cons. For $22 I don't have any regrets.

Prof. Moriarty

Great write-up mate.
I have tried the Theorem. Single coil, clapton build is quite nice on it. Not my favourite RTA but definitely not the worst out there.
A little update on the Theorem.
It's probably my favorite addy right now. It has found its home on top of an iStick Pico 75w mod. This pairing is short and compact, but is a great performer. The notch coil took a little fiddling to get it to wick consistently. After a little trial and error it wicks consistently from full tank to almost empty. I've played with different airflow settings and have found that I like the dual airflow insert (it includes two different airflow inserts) set to 75-80% open. I use a locally made max VG juice in TC mode at 420 degrees F.

The trick for the wick is to trim the cotton a couple mm above the bottom of the tank and fluff the cotton back up after trimming. I push it into the wick slots and juice it up. Once the glass is installed, I push the cotton to one side of the hole that goes into the tank. If the cotton completely fills this hole it doesn't want to wick very well. This method is described in many youtube reviews.

There is one downside to this addy. The fill port is pretty deep and hard to reach with some of my juices unless I use a blunt needle to fill. This con is easily outweighed by the pros of this tank.
I realise I'm bumping an older thread, but I'm interested in a comparison if possible. I have a GeekVape Avocado in a single coil configuration atop the Pico which is my current favourite. Build is 5 turns of SS 26G/32G Clapton wire @3mm over Native Wicks/mesh core with Japanese cotton sheath. Similarly I have a UD Goblin Mini with more or less the same build also atop a Pico as a walk-around unit. Both are set to 280 degrees C.

The Theorem is similar in many ways and because the v1 Avocado is no longer available I was thinking about one of these instead. I don't like the side fill on the v2 Avocado at all.

What say you?
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