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Winter Hibernation

Hey all,

I haven't posted in a bit here. I miss the comradere. It's been awhile since I've regularly used my DE razors and SE razors. I got a full beard going on. I've been having the itch to shave it off. How are you guys managing during the winter? Do you sport a beard for warmth or is it business as usual shaving daily/weekly/etc?
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Welcome back! Daily shaver here.
My son, who sports a groomed beard, just said to me the other day, "ya know having a groomed beard is more work than shaving daily."
When I sported a beard on a regular basis (it's been quite a few years, BTW) I usually kept it during the summer because it was too uncomfortable to start one when the weather was hot and sticky. And if I decided to shave it off, I usually did so in the winter because regrowing it was more comfortable in the colder months.
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