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Winnipeg Jets, part deux

Thoughts on the name? I thought it was a good choice.

You canucks pleased to be getting your team back?

+ 1 ...YaY Baby....the Jets are back in town!!!!! :yesnod:

The team has yet to design a logo & uniforms, but why not go with the old logo & uniform.


Hockey...The Coolest Game on Earth!!! The NHL

Attached Images - The Jets last home & away uniforms & crest that were unveiled starting with their 1990 - 1996 (their last), season.


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They had to go with the Jets in my opinion. I really wish we had kept the name North Stars when they moved to Dallas. Not a fan of the Wild name.


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Marketing teams is as important as the team itself (shouldn't be that way IMO, but whatever).
I'm glad they kept the name.
I am curious to see how they do the new logo

EDIT: btw, no matter how much you try to market the Leafs, they still stink.
Glad the legalities with the name's ownership/rights were sorted out so the name can be used again. It's the best option for the NHL and Winnipeg.