***WINNER**Grudge Match: Old vs Old; Thin vs Thick

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    Grudge Match: Old Type Thin Versus Old Type Thick


    Gillette change the world when it came out with the their original Double edge razor. Gone were the days of stropping and honing and they brought in the age of trouble free shaving.
    From 1905 to 1921 Gillette's original deign used a thin cap. In 1921 they changed the design to a thicker cap which continued until 1928.
    Did Gillette improve the design or did they get it right the first time?

    For the sake of history we want to settle this once and for all. Which is the better razor?

    Old Type thin vs thick.jpg
    The rules are simple:
    2 razors.....1 face....3 shaves

    You agree to preform 3 shaves through out the month of April
    You agree that during the same shave to shave half of your face with the Old Type Thin and the other half of your face with the Old Type Thick.
    You agree to post the results of each shave round.

    If you own both of these razors just post below that you are in....If you have what it takes.

    Here are some of the Guidelines:

    You have to use the same type of blade in each.
    Old Type can either handle type. Please state which type you are using.

    Try to pick similar types of handle for both razors if you can.
    No shimming allowed.
    You are locked into the same two razors during the whole 3 rounds
    You have to use a Made in the USA razor. No English or Canadian or any other country.

    Round one will be Old Type Thin on the left and Old Type Thick on the right.

    Each round should be judged in the following ways:


    Efficiency: Old Type Thin or Old Type Thick
    Smoothness: Old Type Thin or Old Type Thick
    Ease of the shave (grip, stroke and angle....): Old Type Thin or Old Type Thick
    overall experience: Old Type Thin or Old Type Thick

    Winner of round (one, two or three): Old Type Thin or Old Type Thick

    If you have both of these razors and want to settle this once and for all, post "You're in" below. The Grudge match will begin April 1st and run the whole month of April.

    If you need an idea of what this involves here are the last three epic Grudge Matches:

    *** WINNER***Grudge Match: OT Vs NEW
    Grudge match:Fatboy vs Slim *WINNER*
    Grudge Match: NEW Deluxe versus Raised Flat Bottom
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  2. Was there a two piece US made OLD?
  3. I think there was only three and four piece in the US.
  4. imatabor

    imatabor Contributor

    You are right, My numbers were off. Fixed it.

    Hey @TobyC are you in?
  5. I've been shaving with my OLD types for years, sometimes back to back to compare them, I already know which one works better for me. They are very similar, the differences are small, I think I'll sit back and watch what others results are for the moment.
  6. troy

    troy Steward

    I'm definitely in on this one. The last 2 I did Fatboy/Slim and OLD/NEW I was pretty sure which I preferred before the match started, but was surprised how close they were. This one I'm really not sure. I find very little difference, but I almost always use a thin. It should be very interesting to try them side by side.
  7. imatabor

    imatabor Contributor

    Glad to have you aboard! Hopefully some others will jump in.:clap:
  8. :001_tt2:
  9. Graydog

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    Did Gillette change the design to improve the shave or was it because of a flaw with the thin cap ,
    @TobyC should give us a history lesson here
  10. Hi,

    Thin would deform more easily than the Thick. I think they had too much by way of warranty costs so they changed. Also, it may have been partly due to the New Improved, beginning production at the same time as the change, which also used thicker stock. Not that we'll ever know for sure.

  11. Highspeedlane

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    That would be my suspicion as well. Increasing material thickness does slightly increase production costs but if users are happy and fewer razors are returned for repair then it's cheaper in the long run.
  12. Well, I'm no historian, but I think, based on what I've read, that it was to make it more durable and less likely to bend if dropped. It was a rough and tumble world for the working man when these things were made.
  13. imatabor

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    We are a little slow on people jumping in on this one.
    So far we have:

    @troy I'm in
  14. emwolf

    emwolf Contributor

    I'm in, why not? I haven't yet pitted the thick and thin against each other. I don't believe they're the most comfortable on my face, but they do work remarkably well.
  15. Heck, another match!!! Great, John, great!

    Just a minute, please? I need to confirm the `made in USA" thing...Not sure now, sorry.... Lots of English and Canadian things...
  16. I'm in!

    Yes, I'm in. Found my Olympic special set, made in USA, same handle as the early SRs.:a50:

    I was in anyhow, but wanted to match the handles, heck...

    Well, it's just @troy and me???:a20:

  17. Ooops...

    @emwolf jumped in too.... Sorry, sir!
  18. I'm in, think I'll use Single rings.

    Hmmm. My thin cap would be a Pat. Nov. N marked Sr. I believe these were made in the US, but there is no 100% proof. Can I keep it or should I dig out something else?

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  19. Dang it!
    I thought I had both but I have duplicates. Your pictures clarified it.

  20. This is quite an interesting grudge match. I found the thick cap to be very aggressive, much more so than the Single Ring. Now I'll put it to the test.

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