Win a Vie-Long Horsehair Shaving Brush at this Halloween!

Discussion in 'Shavetools' started by Sargon, Oct 19, 2014.

    Next door neighbor and I in bib overalls playing guitar and banjo on the front porch. Scared the bejesus out of the neighborhood kids. I mean, this is Arkansas after all.
  1. Neighbour across the street in our old neighbourhood used to put out coffee and Bailey's for the adults. Loved stopping by that house :)
  2. Count me in!
  3. Count me in!
  4. Count me in
  5. Count me in.
  6. Ohh man...I remember when I was around 12 years old, I couldn't really find any costumes for Halloween. I was checking out a local thrift store when I found this hot pink mens jumpsuit. I don't know why it jumped out at me, pun intended, but it did and it just so happened to fit me. I wasn't too crazy about the idea of wearing pink but I really wanted to do something completely original. So, I was sitting there thinking about what I could do with this thing and suddenly it hit me that I had got a pink baseball hat for breast cancer awareness. This hat matched the jumpsuit perfectly. So the wheels start turning some more and the lightbulb goes off. I take an old shoe and glue it that hat, and boom, I'm a piece of gum stuck to the bottom of a shoe. Surely, that would get some recognition at a costume contest. But low a behold, most original costume went to either a Dracula, a werewolf, or a ghoul, I don't remember which one, and they weren't original at all since other kids entered as these characters. You think someone else entered as a piece of gum stuck to a shoe. You bet your sweet bottom dollar there wasn't. Now that's original...ooh and count me in on this contest.
  7. Count me in!
  8. Count me in!
  9. COunt me in!
  10. Count me in!!
  11. Count me in. Favorite memory was making my son up like a zombie. We used an eyepatch and covered the edges with fake skin. I think I missed my calling. He looked really scary
  12. Do we have a winner?
  13. Did I win? Did I win? Did I win, win, win?
  14. Sorry folks. I got a PM saying I won. :w00t:
  15. Congrats! Where's the brush review already, huh? huh?
    More seriously, when you do get it, will this be your first horse hair brush?

    Or have you ever been experienced? (Well, I have....)
  16. Congrats Fafhrd :laugh:! I say you stole my brush though:taz:. Please let us know how it works out.
  17. Count me in. My first haloween taking my little girl trick or treating was way better foe me than any of the years i went.
  18. The contest is finished :laugh:
  19. Yes, this will be my first horsehair, though I've been wanting to try one for a while. I'll definitely let you know how I like it. Thanks for the congratulations. I think it may be the first time I've ever won anything, except of course at poker.

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