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Not proud of it, but... My buddy had an old Datsun station wagon that we would drive down the street with the back open, throwing in pumpkins as we went. We would then go to Halloween party that night. Before leaving, we would pick some guy (always had it coming) and fill, I mean FILL to the roof, with the pumpkins. The look on their face when they got to the car to leave with their "date", well let's just say I remember it perfectly even though there was no phone camera to capture it. Though I clearly don't deserve it, count me in.
Count me in!

In 5th grade I was a pirate. Of course, I HATED haunted houses; to compound that, I have NO flight mechanism. A 6th grade witch flew out of a hole in the wall and I pummled her like I never knew I could. Haven't gone to one since! :p
Count me in! My favorite Halloween memory would have to be last year when my 3 year old daughter begged me to dress up as a flower for Halloween and take her trick or treating. I complied and definitely had a lot of laughs! $IMG_2028.jpg
When I was about five my dad and I had matching red dinosaur costumes. They were made of red felt and were some of the most bulky costumes I have worn to date.
Count me in too. My favorite memory is when I was a kid and I made my own costume with my sister. I don't know what I wanted to be but I made it out of a big black trash bag and thats all I looked like. I'm surprised nobody asked me "you dressed up as a bin bag for Halloween?"
Early relationship date with my daughter's mother at a Halloween party. Marriage didn't last, but the kid did.

Count me in, please.
Count me in! As a person newly interested in the fine art of wet shaving, I look forward to learning much from this forum, and want to do what I can to support it and its vendors.
Count me in! Best memories of Halloween was walking around the neighborhood with my old man. Doing anything with family is worth remembering.
Count me in, favorite memory was when i was young and going trick or treeting i lived in a small community where you knew everyone and kin to most. when you went to the door everything was homemade, no store bought candy. some houses you went in and had cake or pie and hot chocolate. those days are long gone.