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Count me in please!!
Some good memories were when my son was young and we would even dress up our dog and take him trick or treating with us.
Count me in!

One time I was at a friends Halloween party. It got a bit crazy and someone zipped themselves into a real body bag in the front yard, right before the Cops showed up to say "Quiet down".
Count me in! As for a Halloween memory.... well, my big sister decided to make me up like Paul Stanley of KISS fame. She spent several days making up the costume and then started to metuculously apply the makeup when I promptly and abruptly fainted... slowly sliding off my chair onto the floor. When I awoke, I had a lovely smudge along the entire side of my face where it brushed against the seat of the chair on my way down. :) I still went trick-or-treating but looked more like an evil clown than Paul Stanley.
Best memory so far is not of my childhood but my children. We went to a haunted house put on by the local high school. As they jittered their way through all the jump oust and slow walking creatures during the tour, they finally thought they were safe as the guide opened the large double doors going out. There was the obligatory scary old guy with the chainless chainsaw that revved up as the doors closed and he started coming toward us. My oldest girl then about 10 ripped free of my "comforting" arms and ran for a good 1/4 mile without looking back. I was in tears I was laughing so hard.
Count me in!

Ad for best memory, I remember going door to door for about 4.5 hours and filing two pillowcases with candy. Life was a lot simpler then.
Lots of tricking memories, not to many treat memories. I will also "plead the 5th" on the tricking memories. You can count me in on the contest though.
Count me in!

One of my favorite ones was with a group of friends hog hunting in south Texas. We all brought some great masks.

I always enjoyed going out with my sister in our home made costumes..........

.......and of course, the chocolate!
"Count me in" I just remember the smell of Halloween as I trick or treated as a kid. Burning pumpkins and the scent of Fall in the air.